dog blog avery pro grade dekes

My mom has quit sending me viral emails because of my smartass “reply all” comments to the entire list of people. This time, however, she sent one with a dog that I could appreciate (thanks mom!).

The email was entitled “virtues” and had the picture on the right of a dog watching a skunk eat his dinner. The body of the email said: “Two of the greatest virtues in life are: Patience and Wisdom.”

Fair enough. But I’m guessing a better caption could be written. Ideas that pop in to my head include things about the kibble causing smelly gas and…well, that’s about where my fifth-grade level sense of humor gets stuck. So I’m leaving it up to you, Gun Doggers and lovers of, to come up with a better one!

Write as many captions as you like in the comments section and the person with the best entry will win a box of Greenhead Gear Pro Grade Mallard Active decoys and an Avery cap!

Avery, makers of about a gazillion cool waterfowl products and parent company of Greenhead Gear, came out with these Pro Grade decoys at the end of last year. They’re realistic molds with great paint schemes, weighted keels and come from their “Life Size” line of decoys. The box includes: two swivel-head drakes, two swivel-head hens and two active drakes.

dog blog avery pro grade dekes

(Read the next part with your best late-night television infomercial announcer voice): The Pro Grade Mallard pack normally retails for around $60, but can be yours for free…all you have to do is come up with a caption!

Get to crackin’ Gun Doggers!