It’s always nice to start the weekend on a good note. To that end, check out the following story and video. The first is about a coon hound that was rescued from a cave after more than three days of being trapped. His faithful owner never gave up and kept returning to the spot he believed his favorite coon hound disappeared.

The second is a viral video that has been going around for quite some time but that I was just able to get up on the site. If you love dogs and love to fish, you won’t want to miss it. A yellow Lab cavorts through a river’s shallow water and fetches up a big salmon for his owner!Before you read this great story about Jared Gamboe of Medora, Ill., and his Treeing Walker coonhound, Threat, we have to give a big thumbs up to the Middle Mississippi Valley Grotto caving club (MMV) that made this happy ending possible.

As you’ll read, Gamboe lost Threat while chasing coons. He had an approximate area in which to look for him, thanks to GPS tracking, and felt the dog was trapped in a nearby cave. After three days of returning to the area, he heard a “muted yelp” from the two-year-old Threat. Local authorities couldn’t help in the situation due to beaurocratic stipulations that say they’re only authorized to help rescue humans from caves (I wonder about little old ladies’ cats up in trees???).

Gamboe’s wife, Bobbie, eventually posted a message on and within 30 minutes MMV president Jim Sherrell was in contact with her and recruiting volunteers. They finally squeezed a member of the rescue team into the “cave” where Threat’s head was pinned between a rock and a hard place…the cave’s roof.

Once removed freed from the sticky situation, Threat walked out of the cave under his own power and was happily reunited with Gamboe.

Again, big up’s to Jim Sherrell and the rest of the MMV crew for making that possible!

Dog Catches a Huge Salmon – Watch more Funny Videos

Finally, if you haven’t seen this video yet (or even if you have), it’s worth a look. The yellow Lab has some fun catching a VERY nice salmon in shallow water and then carries it to the bank near his owner…it’s pretty good stuff!