What to Do with Blue Hens

As a quick follow-up to my last post, I have to say that my favorite way to enjoy a blue hen, besides letting it marinade in apparent victory before slicing and dicing it on the gridiron late in the game, is exactly how the cooks at The Game in downtown Spokane, Wash., prepared it: ala hot wings with, appropriately enough, crumbled blue cheese.

And now back to your regular scheduled programming of all things gun dogs...

If you're still with me, then I have to say that GoHens and akferraro1 were very gracious in losing. And, further, I have to admit that it was a hell of a game.

Delaware man-handled Eastern Washington for nearly three quarters before Levi Bo Mitchell and the Eagle offense began to soar. And, yes, akferraro1 (aka: Andrew), the fourth-and-one-spot was questionable, but two reviews couldn't reverse it and, as you point out, Andrew, one call doesn't determine the outcome.

That said, the (Fightin') Blue Hens were beat into submission by the Screaming Eagles and, damn, those wings were good! They were almost as good as the wings I'll have at Hooters when Andrew makes good on his wager. You know where to send it, Hen!