Having conversed with trainer Dan Hosford about all the entries in our latest caption contest, we’ve narrowed the field and have selected a winner. The chosen entry will receive a two-disk copy of either the “Working Man’s Retriever: The Conditioned Retrieve” (which is nearly 7-hours long and can be used to force fetch any breed of dog) or “The Working Man’s Retriever: Gun Dog Obedience,” a 6-plus-hour DVD set.

Before we announce the winner, however, here are a few of the entries that Hosford liked best:
BubbaK: She had a GREAT divorce lawyer!

RemMan700: I know I shouldn’t have traded my bed for that bone.

Liadain: Heads – I get the big bed; Tails – you get the small bed!

mkorpal: It’s not the size of the dog on the bed, it’s the size of the bed under the dog.

Booner Chaser: Something aint right…I just cant put my paw on it…

And the winner is:

marksman: I may have lost, but at least not to the cat.

I think marksman’s entry resonated with Hosford due to the fact that he just a got a brand-new puppy in for training, but that his wife wore him down with three days of persistence (I would never say nagging…) concerning the adoption of a new kitten. So there’s a bit of a rivalry set up in the Hosford household when it comes to the superiority of puppies and kittens.

I’m not sure Hosford will ever win that battle, but congratulations marksman on winning your choice of DVD sets. I’ll shoot you an email with more details.

Thanks all for contributing!