Get your man cards out and prepare to hand them over. This means you Gayne Young.

That’s right, I’m blogging about housework again. While checking my Facebook newsfeed (I don’t actually live on that site, contrary to popular belief), I came across a great tip posted by the folks at Nylabone. It’s a simple way to help get more dog hair out of the carpet, rugs and other fabrics around your house.

From Nylabone:
“Dog Tip of the Day – A great way to handle dog hair is to take a spray bottle and pour in a couple inches of fabric softener. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake well, then mist lightly over any area you want to vacuum. You will get a lot more dog hair out of fabric and rugs! The softener makes the hair release from the fibers, and if you mist it in the room the right way, you will even have hair falling off the ceiling and the walls. It’s a beautiful sight.”

I went out and bought my first bottle of liquid fabric softener after reading this and will be giving the tip a shot. There are a few comments on the post with other tips for getting hair out of the carpet and off your dog, too.

Also of note: If you’ve never given your dog a Nylabone, try it! Both Kona and Hoss love their bones…there are usually at least three floating around the house . While the dogs enjoy chewing the chicken and liver flavored bones, I enjoy the fact that they’re very durable (lasting months) and don’t break off in big chunks or soften like a rawhide (which Hoss works over until pliable and then gets about a foot of gooey hide stuck down his throat).

Now, hand over your man cards. That’s a 50-point deduction for each of you. For Gayne it’s 100-point loss.