If knowledge is power then the advent of the internet has spawned the most powerful, well-informed citizenry mankind has ever known. Either that or the most ill-informed, narrow-minded, crap-spewing populace humankind ever bore witness to.

I know which side of the argument I’d wager upon.

The internet can provide incredible insights into any conceivable topic at any given time in just fractions of a second. When it comes to knowledge, however, that information is only as good as the source from which it originated.

When it comes to the health and nutrition of my dogs, I like to depend upon hard, fast research. Following the advice of studies and statistical information applied in a scientific manner, by people much smarter than myself, makes much more sense to me than gambling on the opinion of some unknown internet wizard sitting in their basement regurgitating backwoods legend and lore.

To that end, Eukanuba has come out with a fantastic handbook for sporting dog enthusiasts. While it’s loaded with synopsis studies, perhaps the best part is that the handbook is FREE!

Available on Eukanuba’s sporting-dog specific site, the Nutrition and Care of the Sporting Dog can be downloaded for free as a .pdf handbook or you can call the company’s customer service number (1-888-EUKANUBA) and have them drop a hard copy in the mail to you.

The booklet is designed for all hard-working field dogs – field trialers, hunting dogs, bird dogs, upland dogs, waterfowl dogs, big-game dogs and more – as well as their associated breeds: hounds, retrievers, pointing dogs and versatile breeds.

Packed with summaries from hundreds of studies, these short, easily digestible pieces (It is a dog-food company after all!) of hardcore, boiled-down information cover everything from managing a sporting dog kennel to the nutritional needs of a puppy (weaning, optimal nutrition, immune system). Also included are nutrition tips for the adult performance dog (feeding for endurance and performance, dietary protein and the kidney, effect of diet on hunting performance, role of fiber in nutrition). There are pieces for dogs with special nutritional needs (influences on dental health, breeding management) and conditioning of field trial and hard-hunting dogs.

Bound to be a reliable source of information, unlike that message board chatter found online, I’ve downloaded a copy to my computer and have a hardcopy sitting on my desk. I might even call for a couple more copies so I can have at least one in my truck.