Hound hunters rejoice. You can leave that cumbersome spotlight and battery pack at home when you start chasing raccoons this fall. In November, the new NightRazor from Tri-Tronics will hit shelves and could change the headlamp game.

The NightRazor is a cap-mounted spotlight that weighs only 5.2 ounces and has an output of 180 lumens – which the company says is twice as large and bright as anything currently on the market. The coolest thing is that the spotlight eliminates battery-pack belts, instead relying on an internal, rechargeable battery.

As with all battery-powered objects (as anyone that has had a child or grandchild in the last 50 years can attest to), the question is: how long will the batteries last?

According to Warner Smith at Tri-Tronics, battery life depends upon the power level selected. There are four brightness levels to choose from: Low (40-hour run time), Medium (10-hour run time), High (5.2-hour run time) and Extra High (2.7-hour run time). The unit also comes with a battery light indicator.

In addition to the steady beam setting, the NightRazor has a strobe setting and an SOS flashing option.

For coyote and hog hunters, red and amber lens are available, as are rifle and shotgun mounts. And, because the NightRazor is waterproof, it could make a good addition to the duck hunter’s arsenal – both for laying spreads in the pre-dawn hours and for navigating to your blind by boat in the dark.

The new headlamp comes with either a baseball-style cap or hardhat. It will retail for about $200 and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty.