Gun dogs require a higher degree of specific ingredients in their diet to perform at optimal levels in the field. A high protein, high fat diet helps promote lean muscles and sustained energy in the field while highly digestible carbohydrates help support short exercise recovery time.

Traditionally premium performance foods have contained 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat in the formula, and were available at stores like PetSmart and carried a premium price tag. While the premium performance formulas are definitely worth the cost, for some they cost too much and can be difficult to find if one of the big pet stores isn’t in your town.

To that end, Iams has come out with their new Sporting 29/18 formula that addresses those two shortcomings.

While in Dayton, Ohio, a couple weeks ago I toured the Iams/Eukanuba production facility and research center, as well as the Proctor & Gamble headquarters (P&G owns Iams/Eukanuba). During a breakout session we were told of the new Sporting 29/18 formula, which started shipping that day and should hit shelves starting in November.

The new formula hits a niche market; it isn’t quite as “hot” as traditional performance blends, but provides more protein and fat than maintenance diets and at a median price point between the two. In short, it’s just a smidge under the premium performance blends ingredients-wise but head and shoulders above maintenance formulas – giving your sporting dog the fuel he needs to perform well in the field.

The other upside to the Sporting 29/18 is that since it’s marketed under the Iams brand, it will be more widely available at stores like Wal-Mart; something that’s nice for those of us that go on the road often or live in small towns that don’t have a big-box specialty pet store close by.

Sporting 29/18 is also formulated with Glucsamine and Chondroitin Sulfate for healthy joints, antioxidants to help maintain strong immune systems and prebiotics for healthy digestion. Packaged in 35-pound bags, Sporting 29/18 will retail for about $40.