It’s the middle of summer and now is the time to work on fixing those dog-handling problems you experienced last season. Your problems or the dog’s problems; fault usually can usually be found with both to one degree or another.

However, we all usually wait until the last minute to do what should have done been months before. It’s hard to think about freezing temps and the duck blind when it’s hotter than sin and summer vacations with the family take precedence.

But this year I’m trying to look ahead. I’m about to start writing a piece for the November issue of Outdoor Life on some of the most common problems duck hunters experience in the blind when it comes to their dogs. Then I’ll explain how to fix them.

I already have an idea of some of the most common issues – breaking (going for the bird before being sent), whining (as birds are working and/or when calling takes place), dropping of birds (usually as the dog exits the water) or not delivering to hand, hard-mouthing the birds (breaking the skin, or even bones, with teeth), moving in the blind (pacing, walking, etc).

So, Gun Doggers, do you experience any of these problems? What are some of the other issues you have with your dog in the duck blind that you’d like solutions for?

Let’s hear it. The most common problems will be addressed in the November issue, but we’ll do a few in the blog as well.