All right, I know what you’re already thinking: Why are we talking about boots in a gun blog? The answer is that every once in a while I come across a piece of equipment that really works and I want to share that info. Besides, if like going out to bag coyotes in mid-winter, keeping your feet warm will go a long way toward improving your shooting performance. Think about it, how can you shoot accurately if your frozen dogs are making you shiver? Clothing and boots impact performance. Blogboot

OK, here’s the deal. I recently tried a pair of LaCrosse Alpha Iceman boots. They’re incredible! They employ a new lightweight shell technology that allows them to be super insulated yet very lightweight. They’ve got nice leather uppers and a heavy-duty rubber bottom that’s 100-precent waterproof. Soft neoprene liners and removable felt wool liners allow you to dry them out thoroughly each night.

They’re extremely comfortable and rated to a whopping -120 F. I can’t attest to temps that cold, but I did wear these boots outside extensively on our recent Optics Test in Montana where temperatures were -35 degrees. Even after sitting outside for over an hour while I turned the resolution targets for the test team in the evening, my feet stayed toasty warm. Suggested retail is $139. Check ‘em out at

-Todd Smith