I’m one of those people who are forever hurrying to pack—usually the night before I’m supposed to be some place. Last elk season, an outfitter friend sent me this handy checklist, which I have tweaked a little. I keep it on my computer so it’s easy to print out a clean list each time I go someplace. Might even be a good idea to tape one up inside your closet.

Todd Smith



2 boxes of cartridges
Spotting scope
Small day pack or fanny pack
Rain gear
Small canteen or plastic bottle that fits in pocket, belt, or pack
Waterproof matches, lighter, fire-starting materials
Camera and extra batteries
Sleeping bag -20 degree rated recommended
Chap stick
Good flashlight and head lamp, extra batteries
Hunting license
Personal kit, soap, shampoo, toiletries, prescriptions
Wash cloth
Small towel
Warm long underwear
2 wool shirts
2 light shirts
1 wool pants
2 light pants
2 pair heavy socks
4 pair light wicking socks
1 pair warm pack boots
1 pair waterproof hiking boots
Warm hat
Liner gloves
Heavier outer gloves/or mittens
1 light coat, fleece, and vest
1 warm coat and/or coveralls
Fluorescent orange vest and hat