Moody and I spent about half and hour on the phone the other day talking about the “better mousetrap” he designed. More than one self-proclaimed expert gun writer told him that his idea was garbage when he first rolled it out in late 2003. Not that he needed any extra motivation to make his company succeed, but when he compares those criticisms with the feedback he often gets these days—namely from grateful soldiers, sailors and Marines praising the product—he is justifiably pleased.

Truth be told, I felt a pang of guilt when I ordered one of the grips for the rifle I’m putting together, thinking that perhaps there is a serviceman or woman in a combat unit who needs it a hell of lot more than I do. I hope that’s not the case and that no person serving our country on the front lines is going without vital and necessary equipment.

Every time I use the Grip Pod I’ll be thinking of those brave young men and women serving us in the military. Here’s to the hope that they all return home soon and safely.

—John Snow