Here’s a nifty item, courtesy of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

“In recent years, big city politicians and trial lawyers have filed lawsuits seeking to blame law-abiding members of the firearms industry for the criminal misuse of guns. In the wake of the recent resignation of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who as that state’s attorney general sued the industry, and the recent conviction of two of the leading trial attorneys whose firm represented many of those cities in their failed lawsuits, NSSF decided to take a closer look at what became of some of the politicians that sought to scapegoat the industry.

Take a look at what was discovered. It just might surprise you—or maybe it won’t.”

After all these years, shooters really shouldn’t be surprised by the hypocrisy shown by politicians regarding firearms. Even so, the list NSSF has compiled of the misdeeds by those who would persecute us is revealing. For example, former Atlanta mayor has been sentenced to prison for tax evasion. Check out the link here .

I just have one question: where do these people get the idea they’re above the law?

—Slaton White