This incident happened a few days ago and has been talked about on several blogs and newsgroups since. I was a bit reluctant to post anything about the shooting where Leon Rozio defended himself against four armed attackers, and killed one on the process, because Leon happens to be the brother of one of my best friends.

Leon is a traveling jewelry salesman down in Florida and has been targeted before but this time the attackers were armed and when they tried to kill him (by running him over with a vehicle) he fought back.

Non-gun owners often ask me why I “feel the need” to carry for personal protection. They argue that the chances are remote that I would ever have to use a gun in self-defense. I answer back that I hope the chances are zero that I’ll ever need to defend myself that way; that I carry a gun for the same reason I wear a seatbelt; and that not only am I safer when I carry a gun, but so is everyone else around me, including them and their loved ones.

But as the incident with Leon shows, it can happen. And, sadly, does.

I’m very thankful that Leon survived this attack. His brother told me he is still very shaken up by the whole thing but that he’s doing okay.

As an interesting side note the Rozios know what it is like to live in a country where the right to defend your self isn’t guaranteed. They fled from Cuba during the takeover of the country by Castro, settling in Florida and Southern California. The father and uncles were successful businessmen who had their livelihoods taken from them at gunpoint by Castro and his thugs.
—John Snow_