It’s like a game of anti-gun one-upmanship. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, perhaps inspired by Washington D.C.’s gun-hating mayor, has announced that if he can’t take away his citizens’ firearms that he sure as hell is going to make them pay dearly to own them. This is from a bulletin put out by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF):

The governor is also proposing to increase license-to-carry fees on law-abiding citizens, both resident and non-resident. The license fee for residents will go from $100 for 6 years to $200, while the non-resident license will balloon to $250 a year from $100.

“Governor Patrick feels he can now try to supplement the budget deficit on the backs of small mom-and-pop businesses and law-abiding gun owners,” said NSSF Director of Government Relations Jake McGuigan. “Clearly, the goal of this administration is to further restrict the rights of its citizens and businesses through a hefty Second Amendment tax.”_

Sadly, you can’t say this comes as a surprise.

The NSSF is urging all “Massachusetts sportsmen, hunters, firearms enthusiasts and retailers” to contact their local representatives and senators. In addition, nonresidents can call 617-725-4005 to voice their concerns.

—John Snow