My home state might not be located in “free America”—as one of my companions on a prairie dog shoot in Wyoming recently told me—but its gun laws are much better than those of the surrounding states of New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. And much, much better than what New Jersey residents need to go through.

Getting a concealed carry permit is no big deal and we’re allowed to own Class III items with a couple of exceptions. But there is one law on the books I didn’t know about that is very worrying. Seems if a neighbor or family member doesn’t like you they can call the police to come take your guns.

From the World Daily Net:

The law has been on the books since 1999 and even the director of the Connecticut State Civil Liberties Union doesn’t like it:

“What is the standard of proof on this?” he asked. “The way this law is written, it can and will be easily abused by police.”_

Prior to the seizure of one man’s firearms, police cited in their application the man’s “extensive self-protection measures” that were installed on his property, “including alarms, cameras and spotlights.”

Really? Having a home alarm system, security cameras and floodlights is a cause for police to confiscate your guns? Might be time to move to Wyoming.

—John Snow