…that prevents solvent from going anywhere other than into your barrel. I really love the fact that the guide never gets dislodged even with aggressive brushing. Pretty much all cleaning rod guides that are made for use in generic rifles, no matter what their quality, can get pulled out of position when you’re going back and forth with a bronze brush. This one doesn’t—but then again, it is made to work only in ARs.

I’ve got it pictured here tucked into the upper a new Rock River Arms Entry Tactical AR that I just got. I was doing a pre-shooting inspection and cleaning of the rifle before taking it to the range. I’ll get a report up on the RRA as soon as I get some rounds through it, but right out of the box I love its feel. The stock that I got in order to make it Connecticut legal (no collapsible buttstocks allowed on semi-autos) is comfortable and cool looking and the trigger feels fantastic. Can’t wait to shoot it.

—John Snow