I’ve been feeling like a kid who’s been told he has to stay inside and finish his homework while watching his friends through his kitchen window play outside in the front yard. Reports have been coming in from various quarters about the start of hunting season. Here in the office a number of guys have been thinning the local resident Canada goose population, while others have already logged some time in their tree stands, fighting off the mosquitoes in hopes of arrowing an unsuspecting and, at this early point in the season, uneducated buck.

My friend Ben Maki just returned from New Mexico having successfully arrowed a terrific bull elk he called within six paces. “All my pins were in his kill zone,” Maki told me on the phone. “I just drew back and let him have it.”

The elk didn’t even realize he was hit. He trotted off about 25 yards and stopped when Ben hit him with a cow call. “He just stood there for a few seconds and then flopped over.”

Well, my turn is coming up. I’m heading to western Colorado in a few days to hunt mule deer in the rough, high rimrock country around Grand Junction. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. My rifle is zeroed in and my bags are half packed.

What have you got on tap? Send your field reports and photos to and make your buddies jealous.

—John Snow