We are a diverse group and because of that we are divided and that hurts us when anti-gun regulations come under consideration. When the threat of legislation banning .50 BMG weapons was introduced a few people shrugged their shoulders and said, ‘Well I don’t have a .50,’ and that attitude is giving the forces allied against our constitutional right the foothold they need to further their agenda. Divide and conquer is their strategy and it’s working. The Assault Weapons Ban is up for consideration again in congress and all gun owners should be concerned as this “new and improved” version has no sunset and this added provision:

Yes. Any semi-automatic weapon used by military or federal law enforcement cannot be owned by civilians and the Attorney General, at any time, can decide that a weapon (and any copies), are not suitable for “sporting purposes” and ban it. Do I have to mention the long list of weapons currently in use by our Government, Military and Federal Law Enforcement? Hunters you are included in this list. Get the wrong Attorney General and he or she can use this provision to expand the ban list to include any weapon.

We are heading into, perhaps, the darkest times for gun ownership and our liberties. We have the potential for the most anti-gun, anti-liberty, socialistic President in the history of our country. Running on the platform of “Change, We can believe in” with dashes of hope his Second Amendment stance is, at best, horrendous. Barrack Obama, claims he supports gun ownership while his own actions contradict his words. He feels that no one, other than law enforcement, should have concealed carry permits, that no civilian should have a semi-automatic weapon of any kind, and has said he will reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban and that the Washington D.C. gun ban is proper and should stand.

OK, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment is an individual right and the D.C. gun ban is unconstitutional. Now here’s the flip side. That ruling barely passed 5-4 and the backlash from anti-gun politicians has started. California is pushing through four new pieces of anti-gun legislation. The set of rules that the District of Columbia is implementing, concerning registration of firearms, are completely contradictory to the court’s ruling. Massachusetts is considering legislation to increase all firearms licensing fees by two hundred percent. If Barrack Obama is elected President he will have the opportunity to replace two to three Supreme Court members. What kind of people do you think he will pick?

Now is the time for all of us, gun owners and constitutionally minded individuals, to come together under one banner. That banner can be the NRA but most importantly it has to be heard through votes. There are an estimated two to three hundred million registered firearms in the hands of law abiding Americans–that is a strong and very loud voice at the polls. Or we can stay divided, kick back and hope for change or is it change for hope?

_ — Derek A. Reeves_