This interesting article in the Washington Post highlights the forces driving the boost in firearms sales this year. According to the story, sales of firearms and ammunition are up 8 to 10 percent in 2008 compared to 2007.

The biggest factor cited by the buyers and gun store owners is, not surprisingly, the presidential election and the worry that an Obama administration will restrict gun rights through bans and other means. The poor condition of the economy also has an effect.

_Gun buyers were more likely to say they were responding to the political situation than to the economy, and all but three people said they feared that Obama would restrict gun rights. Two who indicated that they would support Obama anyway said their concerns about the economy and health care outweighed those about gun rights.

Most buyers who emphasized the economy said they thought the worsening situation could lead to an increase in crime and jeopardize their safety. A few said they were buying guns as an investment.

“Look at the political situation and the financial situation,” said Fred Russell, owner of Russell’s Gun Emporium in Hagerstown, Md. “It’s common sense. People are scared.”

This is a double-barrel vote of no confidence for Obama from sportsmen. Not only are our gun rights at risk, but we don’t think Obama’s economic prescriptions are going to cure our economic woes either.

We’re voting with our wallets before we head to the polls—sadly it seems our prediction is that we’re going to be the losers.

—John Snow