When this happened the poop hit the fan and many folks were outraged. The NRA spun it to say that Chuck was talking about fully-automatic Soviet battle rifles, but a lot of people didn’t buy it then. And it seems that more than a decade later they still aren’t buying it now.

But I can’t help but make a couple observations. First, Heston has gone on to his final reward and what he has to say about guns doesn’t matter much since none of us have ears sharp enough to hear him.

And second, what exactly are the anti-gun positions that the NRA holds? Which gun-control laws has it been seeking to push through Congress or the various state legislatures?

The last time I checked, the NRA seemed to be on the pro-gun side of every issue that has come to light. This includes the sunset of the assault weapons ban, fighting the push to close the so-called “gun show loophole,” urging states to adopt “shall issue” laws for concealed carry and so on.

But for some folks words from beyond the grave that never affected the NRA’s actual stance on any legislation of significance are more important than years of good deeds.

—John Snow