Some of us own handguns for protection. Others like to hunt with them. Still others enjoy participating in shooting competitions.

But if you’re Martha Stewart’s daughter, Alexis, you own a pistol in order to shoot your dogs in the head:

_Permit holder Alexis Stewart, daughter of homemaking queen and ex-convict Martha Stewart, told The Post that she applied for a gun license after 9/11.

She said she got a gun, now kept in a lockbox in her $3 million TriBeCa apartment, to euthanize her elderly dogs in the event that another calamity struck and forced her to abandon them.

“I had two very old English bulldogs,” said Stewart, who hosts a show on her mother’s Sirius Satellite Radio channel.

“They could never make it out of Manhattan. I could never leave my dogs to die of thirst in my apartment, so I looked on it as a euthanasia situation. I would never kill my pets unless they were going to die anyway.”

This is from a story in the New York Post on celebrities in New York who pack heat or who have gotten permits to keep handguns in their homes. The latest to join the ranks of celebrity gun owners are New York Mets David Wright and Carlos Delgado.

The famous-folks-with-guns is one of those stories in New York that crops up every few months. It highlights the well-known fact that celebrities have an easier time getting approved for permits in places like New York and Los Angeles than the rest of us, who either face additional red tape or are denied the right to have a firearm.

As much as I question Stewart’s motives for arming herself, it makes me wonder if the NYPD is relaxing its notoriously strict requirements for gun ownership in the Big Apple. After all, if the desire to whack your dogs is justification enough to have a gun in the home, what would the police say to someone who wanted to carry a handgun in order to protect and save their life?
—John Snow_

Update: Ahab’s take.

Update: Murdoc sums it up rather nicely:

Hello Kitty guns: Bad.
Goodbye Doggy guns: Good.