The city of Strongsville, Ohio, has banned the sale or manufacture of firearms, firearm components, deadly weapons, ammunition, and explosive or combustible devices in areas zoned as residential.

Jim Irvine, chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Association, said the ban could have unintended consequences. “If I wanted to sell a gun to another Strongsville resident and we can’t do the sale in my house or in their house, what we will have to do to comply with this ordinance is go to some public place — like the parking lot of any business — and we will do the transaction there, so then it will be legal,” he said. “How will that make the city better or safer and what problem will it solve?”

Irvine, who hosts a weekly radio talk show, Firearms Forum, on WHK-1420 AM, said the Cleveland suburb’s ordinance will eventually be challenged and overturned in court.

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