Jim Matthews, outdoor writer for the San Bernardino Sun, writes in a column published Thursday that “one of the worst pieces of anti-gun owner legislation in a number of years effectively has been tabled by the California legislature.”

The bill, AB962, sponsored by Los Angeles Democratic Assemblyman Kevin De Leon, was put in the ‘Suspense’ File by the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Wednesday.

According to Matthews, the bill would have stopped the private transfer of more than 50 rounds of ammunition per month between individuals or by stores to individuals. It would have licensed and taxed anyone selling ammunition commercially and forced these stores to get background checks on anyone selling ammunition. It would have required a thumbprint from anyone buying handgun ammunition (and a costly bureaucracy to manage those thumbprints) and it would have banned all mail-order ammunition sales.

“The stated intent of the bill was to stop felons and gang members from getting ammunition,” he wrote. “If you can figure out how those provisions would have somehow stopped that, give me a call and explain that to me.”

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