S.E. Cupp in a May 20 Fox Forum blog, says the “left is up in arms – pun intended” because President Barack Obama is set to sign into law a bill that would allow visitors to carry loaded and concealed weapons into national parks.

“The arguments against this legislation are numerous and varied. But not surprisingly, most stem from the kind of hysterics and inaccurate caricature that the left has made a killing on,” he writes. “Columnist Gail Collins of The New York Times, for example, muses that gun owners can now hold up souvenir stands at Yellowstone ‘in order to bring home a much-anticipated geyser refrigerator magnet.’

“While everyone knows that violence is hilarious,” Cupp continues, “it seems a bit paranoid to think the Johnson family is going to whack a cashier in the middle of their family vacation. The suggestions that legalizing concealed weapons in national parks will mean increased park violence, death to Smokey the Bear or a rush on machine guns is just sloppy research and a lazy interpretation of what, exactly, this bill will mean for gun owners.”

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