David Codrea in rips a recent “report” and “survey” published on for blatant errors in fact that belie a bias that, essentially, says many anti-gun zealots haven’t a clue what they are talking about when it comes to firearms and, sadly, when it comes to living in a Democray with a Constitution.

He chastises ‘Authorized journalist’ Jonathan Tirone, who wrote the story, as having “served his anti-gun employer, New York mayor and 88% Bloomberg LP shareholder Mike Bloomberg well. Master must be pleased. And the Small Arms Survey? They say you’re known by the company you keep, so let’s take a look at their partners.

“Why surprise, surprise. Globalists and leftists. Naturally the list includes UN-NGO IANSA, headed by Rebecca Peters, the protege of another anti-gun billionaire, George Soros. Here’s Rebecca’s take on self-defense, in response to an NRA advertisement that asked, ‘[S]hould you shoot this rapist before he cuts your throat?’:

“‘Women need to be protected by police forces, by judiciaries, by criminal justice systems. People who have guns for self-defense are not safer than people who don’t. . . . [H]aving a gun in that situation escalates the problem.'”

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