Washington writer Ken Klukowski says the recent appointment of Harold Koh to be State Department legal advisor should not only have gun owners concerned, but alarm American who want to retain the nation’s sovereignty.

Koh, recently the dean of Yale Law School, now becomes the top U.S. authority on international law, and the top advisor to the president and secretary of state about America’s obligations and treaty commitments with the United Nations and other countries.

“Harold Koh is also one of the most far-left legal advocates anywhere in this country, on issues ranging from affirmative action to same-sex marriage to the reach of the federal government into people’s lives,” Klukowski writes. “While many on the Left believe that foreign law should be considered by American courts in interpreting the Constitution, as a true transnationalist, Koh believes that U.S. courts should directly cite foreign law to decide cases, and that foreign policy actions such as war-making are illegal without express U.N. approval … “

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