Gun Rights Examiner Don Gwinn rips Chicago Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin for her “latest attack on Chicago’s favorite Enemy of the People, the National Rifle Association.”

“This time, the charge is that the NRA is standing in the way of progress by preventing research into gun violence,” Dwinn writes. “The fact that ‘gun violence’ is actually studied quite a bit doesn’t seem to give Mrs. Marin pause, nor does the terrible quality of most of the ‘studies’ of which she seems to approve (that is, studies beginning from the assumption that guns in civilian hands are bad and gun control is good.) … “

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Shortly after, Carol Marin posted a correction to her column on her blog: “I was dead wrong about CDC and NRA. I incorrectly reported … that the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta did not, thanks to NRA pressure on Congress, track suicides by gun, thus limiting conversations about guns deadly power. I couldn’t have been more incorrect. The CDC does do that. Again, I owe an apology and correction to both.”

Marin’s original column has disappeared from the Sun-Times Website. You can read her correction at: