Manuel Roig-Franzia’a Aug. 5 article in the Washington Post does a good job of inadvertently warning all Americans that, sometimes, fascists wear disarming smiles as they pave the road to hell with their good intentions:

“They’ve got 4 million followers. He’s got 16 billion simoleons. This could get verrrrry interesting,” Roig-Franzia writes. “This being the stare-down between the National Rifle Association and Michael Bloomberg. Behemoth vs. behemoth.

“Since the Reagan revolution, few lobbies have been mightier than the NRA. The Second Amendment defenders rarely lose on Capitol Hill, but lose they did just a few days ago, falling short in a sit-up-and-take-notice squeaker of a Senate vote on an amendment that would have let gun owners carry concealed weapons across most state lines. Score one for Bloomie and 450 of his closest mayor buddies (they call themselves Mayors Against Illegal Guns) . . . and their D.C. lobbyists and their consultants and their ad people. Score one against the NRA and the amendment’s sponsor, that rising GOP star Sen. John Thune of South Dakota.”

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