D.C. Attorney General Peter J. Nickles filed a motion in U.S. District Court on Sept. 10 to dismiss a lawsuit brought by four gun advocates who are seeking the right to carry their weapons outside their homes. Mr. Nickles argues that current city gun laws, which allow licensed gun owners to keep weapons in their homes for their personal protection, fall under the category of “reasonable restrictions” permitted by the court.

The current laws were enacted after the Supreme Court struck down the District’s decades-old gun ban in its June 2008 ruling on the District v. Heller case.

“The District’s regulation of handguns at issue here is squarely in the mainstream and eminently reasonable, minimally intruding on the right announced in Heller to bear arms for the protection of ‘hearth and home,’ while at the same time safeguarding public safety under traditional police powers,” Mr. Nickles wrote.

However, as Anchorage Libertarian Examiner Kevin Wilmeth wrote in his Sept. 14, what Nickles is really saying is, “anything the government says is reasonable (and) must, in fact, be reasonable, because we’re the government and we say so”

And what, Wilmeth wonders, is Nickles saying when he refers to “traditional police powers?”

“Exactly what tradition,” he asks, “are we discussing here, fellas?”

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