Self-Defense Examiner Eric Puryear writes in his Sept. 15 column on that pacifism can lead to nothing but trouble in a not-so-pacifist universe.

“Respect for human life is the mark of a civilized and compassionate person. Unfortunately, some people misunderstand this, and in doing so create a situation that allows evil to prevail over good. An example of this problem can be seen in this anti gun and anti self defense article,” he writes. “The author of that article states that she would rather ‘hold the burning end of a lit cigarette than a gun.’ She describes herself as a pacifist, and believes that it is wrong to use a gun in self defense, even to stop a would-be rapist and murder that breaks in during the night.

“While I understand and share the respect for human life that underlies the pacifist philosophy she embraces, I cannot join in the naive and dangerous belief that a person should allow a violent criminal to kill them or another innocent person,” he continues. “I am a vigorous advocate of self defense with guns not because I am bloodthirsty and wish to see criminals shot and killed, but because I don’t wish to see innocent people suffer and die at the hands of a criminal …”

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