Richard Moore, an investigative reporter with the Lakeland Times in Florida, breaks down how the Supreme Court might rule in McDonald v City of Chicago in this Oct. 9 anaylsis:

“Just a little more than 15 months after the United States Supreme Court struck down a handgun ban in Washington, D.C., as unconstitutional, the issue of whether individual Americans have a Second Amendment right to own guns is headed back to the High Court.

“At issue this time is a handgun ban in Chicago, and a decision on its constitutionality could ultimately define not merely what gun prerogatives Americans have but what scope and authority state and local governments have to limit individual liberty on a broad range of matters, from abortion to gay marriage.

“In McDonald v. City of Chicago, the Second Amendment Foundation, the Illinois State Rifle Association and four Chicago gun owners, including Otis McDonald, have challenged a handgun ban similar to the one the Supreme Court threw out in Washington, D.C., in June 2008. The Chicago ban is still in place because the High Court’s ruling in Heller v. Washington applies only to federal law and not to state statutes and local ordinances. Simply put, because Washington is a federal district, the ruling did not extend to state and municipal jurisdictions.

“So while Washington, D.C., residents have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms individually, the issue has not been settled for the rest of the nation. In the view of Virginia lawyer Alan Gura, of Gura & Possessky – the same attorney who represented Heller – it’s about time it is settled.”

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