Law and Politics Examiner D. Christian Moore questions the motives of Mayors Against Illegal Guns in his Sept. 19 column on

“Like the debate over illegal immigration,” he writes, “the debate over guns and gun rights often centers on the difference between those who follow the law and those who do not. Most Americans support immigrants who followed the rules and came here legally, even as they oppose those who ‘jumped the line’ by sneaking into the country illegally. Similarly, Americans broadly support protections of our Second Amendment rights with reasonable safeguards and severe punishments against armed criminals, but are opposed to efforts aimed at limiting or eliminating the rights and freedoms of responsible gun owners …

“This brings me to the growing dispute between the NRA and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG),” Moore continues. “MAIG claims to be opposed only to illegal guns, but the NRA claims MAIG has been targeting responsible gun owners … “

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