NYC mayor launches undercover probe of gun shows in TN

As if New York City doesn't have enough problems of its own, Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks it has the resoures, manpower, and time to investigate gun shows in Tennessee and two other states. Naturally, as reporter Richard Locker writes in the Oct. 8 Commercial Appeal, "Hizzoner's" intrusion is not appreciated in Nashville.

"An undercover probe ordered by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg of has set off a new firearms debate, but likely won't prompt any state legislative action here, officials and lobbyists said Thursday," Locker writes.. "Bloomberg ordered the unusual investigation outside New York because 90 percent of guns recovered from crimes in the city come from out of state, a mayoral spokesman said.

"Bloomberg released a report on the probe Wednesday and posted it and undercover video online. Some of the video was recorded at gun shows in Nashville and Smyrna, Tenn. The investigators did not come to the Greater Memphis area, which generally hosts four to six gun shows a year. The investigation sought to expose violations resulting from what Bloomberg called a "gun show loophole" that critics say put guns in the hands of people banned from possessing them, including felons, domestic abusers and the mentally ill.."


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