Chris Knox of the writes on that “voting records, especially those for final passage, don’t tell the full story of where our elected servants stand on a particular issue. And the fact is that those servants occasionally take pains to conceal their true position from the people who sent them to office.”

Knox cites Sen. Mark Pryor, a second-term Democrat from Arkansas, as “this year’s poster boy for obfuscated voting.”

“In the July Senate vote for nationwide concealed-carry reciprocity,” Knox writes, “Pryor first voted against the measure but then, when Republicans Lugar of Indiana and Voinovich of Ohio cast their votes against their party line, he changed his vote to a nominally pro-gun vote. Pryor’s changed vote gives the Democrats 20 allegedly pro-gun vote that they can point to when the inevitable charges come that the Democratic Party is the anti-gun party. It also gave them a pair of anti-gun Republican votes they can point to when Republicans try to claim a pro-gun mantle.

“In other words,”Kmnowx continues, “it keeps the whole issue foggy and enables politicians to come down firmly on whichever side of the fence seems most advantageous at the time. I don’t know, but I would bet that had another Republican defected, another Democrat would have seen the light and voted for passage.”

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