Los Angeles Gun Rights ExaminerJohn Longeneckert writes in his Sept. 20 column on says Second Amendment advocates must “answer disinformation, even when it is based on grief and good intentions.”

Longeneckert was referruing to a commentary by Jenny Price’s in the Los Angeles Times’ on Sunday, Sept. 14, called, “More victims? It’s a dead certainty. [Gun violence at UC Irvine on the online edition.]”

“We’ve heard from Jenny Price before,” Longneckertr writes. “I have responded before, too: In 2006, Ms. Price angrily attacked gun owners after her brother and fiance were shot to death. She filed an article about how gun owners responded to her aggression, as if theirs were an unreasonable response; she had no idea how she was the aggressor in that public altercation. She is still blaming the iron instead of the volition and the madness of the criminals. This adversely affects your safety today in 2009.”

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