Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman writes in his Sept. 16 column on that politicians “from all over the political spectrum” have “a rather annoying habit of acknowledging the existence of firearms owners and gun rights groups only when they need their votes.”

Workman recalls his experience in dealing with a “certain long-term congressman” who while facing re-election, “arranged through a staffer to have his photograph taken to appear on the cover of a now-defunct outdoors publication. So the congressman shows up, somebody hands him a shotgun that was not his, and a pheasant that he did not shoot and poses him in front of a tree in the alley behind the building so he could extol his support for sportsmen. And ever since, that guy has not supported a single major pro-gun bill.”

A more recent example of this is Kirstin Gillibrand.

“After having been a pro-gun member of the 111th Congress from New York’s 20th District,” Workman writes, “Democrat Kirstin Gillibrand – now elevated to the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton when she became Secretary of State – has been voting consistently anti-gun, and just the other day she joined only six other senators to oppose a measure that cut funding to the anti-gun ACORN organization in the midst of a scandal that suggests the organization has no moral compass at all.”

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— United States Arms Rights Enthusiasts Are Cutting Edge of American Freedom Movement, says Gun Law Expert;,200928702.aspx