Robyn Doolittle, crime reporter for the Toronto Star, writes of a harrowing, real-life nightmare in a strange, smugly Canadian way:

“Right at this moment in Toronto, there are as many as 4,000 illegal guns tucked under beds, stashed in closets or hidden in dresser drawers,” Doolittle writes. “Complicated amnesty laws around gun legislation have many owners confused. Now the city’s Guns and Gangs unit is going door to door setting people straight.”

“‘If you have to ask the question if you are licensed… I can pretty much guarantee you are not in compliance,’ said Superintendent Greg Getty, who works with the Organized Crime Enforcement unit.”

So, as Doolittle dutifully reports, “Getty and his team are going through tens of thousands of old gun registry documents to try and locate weapons where registration may have expired. So far, they’ve gone through 5,000 and located 400 guns. Offending individuals are either given an opportunity to obtain the necessary permits and educate themselves on safe storage procedures — while Toronto police hold the gun for safe-keeping — or else the weapon is destroyed.”

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