Jack Kenny in a Sept. 21 story in The New American writes of strange doings in a small New England town that can either restore your faith in small-town democracy or make you scratch your head.

“When the Raymond, N.H., selectmen refused permission to a local resident to hold a yoga class on the town green in honor of the United Nations International Day of Peace, they may not have anticipated the decision would draw gun-toting libertarians and others to the site to show support for First and Second Amendment rights,” Kenny writes.

Yoga instructor Molly Schlangen wanted to hold a complimentary class on the green on Sunday, Sept. 20, instead at her studio in the neighboring town of Epping.

“But,” as Kenny writes, after her request was denied, “two other gatherings were held on the town common that day. At noon, about 20 members of the Free State Project, a movement to draw people to New Hampshire to work for smaller government and greater protections of individual liberty, showed up to demonstrate their support for freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble, as well as the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Several of them were wearing guns, in accordance with the state’s ‘open carry’ law.

Later in the afternoon,” hre continues, “between 30 and 40 local residents showed up, including Selectman Cheryl Killam, who had voted to grant the request for the yoga class. ‘If we had approved it, there wouldn’t be this much focus on it,’ Killam said. ‘It would not have drawn this publicity.'”

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— No yoga, but lots of other folks on common;