Hunting takes patience, mental focus and drive.

Small wonder then that the soldiers who excel at one of the toughest jobs in the military–the guys who sweep for roadside bombs and other IEDs–also happen to be hunters.

From a CBS report that features Specialist Christopher Parsons, a member of the Michigan National Guard who is tasked with “Route Clearance Patrol”:

Asked what skill it takes to do his job, Spc. Parsons said, “Honestly, I’m from Michigan, so I love to hunt and that helps a lot.”

“So whether it’s hunting deer in Michigan or hunting IEDs in Afghanistan, same skill set?” Pitts asked.

“Roger,” Parsons replied.

One of his commanding officers told us deer hunters like Parsons make the best bomb hunters. With his sharp vision, he was able to find one with a trigger smaller than his index finger: it was a clothes pin.

Moving at about 10 to 15 kilometers an hour, Parsons spotted the pin from 30 meters away.

I hope Parsons gets back safely and is able to enjoy the deer woods again soon.