Former soldier arrested, faces five-year prison sentence, in England for giving gun he found to local police.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it is a good time to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, and to renew the pledge to keep them from being strangled in Big Nanny’s apron springs. You know Big Nanny — Big Brother’s kindly autocratic aunt who espouses a benevolent tolitatiarism to protect all her children, most especially you, from yourself.

Big Nanny is alive and well in England, as this Orwellian glimpse into our future foretells:

A former soldier in England has been arrested and convicted (and may even go to jail for five years) because he found a gun in his yard and he turned it over to the police. I presume this is in part a reflection of the anti-gun ideology embedded in UK law, but don’t prosecutors and judges have even a shred of discretion to avoid foolish prosecutions and/or protect innocent people from absurd charges?

No. Not with Big Nanny is the kitchen.

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