The Nanny State Arrives In Iowa

Dudley Brown, executive director of the National Association for Gun Rights, relays this sad but true tale of "more overreaction typical of the anti-gun culture permeating government institutions."

Apparently, he writes on, that officials at Brody Middle School in Des Moines, Iowa, "must have had the fright of their lives given the way they panicked at the sight of a bag of empty shell casings -- empty shell casings that had the word 'Blank' clearly printed on the side of each one. Knowing no other way to save their students from the horrors of empty blanks, school officials suspended Jazmine Martin, who had brought the casings to school for show and tell.

"Jazmine and her family had recently attended an old west show during their visit to the Circle B Ranch on a summer vacation in South Dakota," Brown continues. "The show's highlight was a simulated gun fight, after which Jazmine excitedly gathered up the shell casings."

When the girl show her findings to her science teacher without inciting panic -- good old science -- but Principal, Randy Gordon, apparently not a scientific man, could not contain himself and panicked all over himself, suspending young Jazmine.

"Apparently, even a mere interest in anything related to firearms or ammunition is strictly forbidden in government schools, and anyone who steps out of bounds simply must be punished," Brown writes. "Thank goodness her parents are fighting this outrageous suspension to make sure their daughter maintains her unblemished record. Call Principal Gordon yourself at (515) 242-8443 to console him on what, judging by his reaction, must have been a very traumatizing experience."

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