St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner Kurt Hofmann in his Tuesday, Nov. 17 blog on, says the latest push to ban so-called ‘assault weapons’ such as the FN Herstal Five-seveN pistol used in the Fort Hood shooting would not require any new legislation or administrative directive.

“The Obama administration could act today to prevent any more Five-seveNs from entering the country,” Hofmann writes. “The decades-old ‘sporting purposes’ test contained in the Gun Control Act of 1968 grants ATF wide discretion to ban the import of the Five-seveN, the PS-90, and any other foreign-made, military-bred, ‘non -sporting’ firearms. But since the agency treats the gun industry as its “customer,” such an action — without direct engagement by the White House — is more than unlikely”

Why, then, the latest push in the wake of the Fort Hood shootings?

Because, Hofmann writes, “the rabidly anti-gun Violence Policy Center’s Josh Sugarmann has, predictably, joined his anti-gun cohorts in exploiting the Ft. Hood atrocity as justification for banning” a wide array of firearms.

“Let’s ignore, for a moment, the blatant unconstitutionality of the Gun Control Act, and its provision empowering the federal government to ban importation of a firearm merely by determining said firearm is unsuitable for sport, and consider what such a ban would do,” he continues. “My guess is that it would make some enterprising domestic firearms manufacturer very pleased, as it tooled up to swoop in on the newly (forcibly) vacated market — a market probably invigorated by the very hysteria against the 5.7x28mm caliber generated by groups like VPC and the Brady Campaign.”

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