Gun Rights Examiner John Longenecker writes in his Nov. 8 blog on that understand the Second Amendment often requires an abstract understanding of very fundamental concepts, such as sovereignty and freedom — as well as an understanding of reality as it really is, not as it is portrayed by some many in the media who have no real connection with reality.

“The substance of the Second Amendment isn’t in the concept of guns per se, it is in the concept of being the sovereign in America and, as the sovereign, having the legal and moral monopoly on all lethal force here. The key word is sovereignty,” he writes. “When we think of safer streets, we often make that same mistake in concept. Many believe that our major cities’ streets are unsafe due to so many guns on the street, but there are just as many guns on the streets in right-to-carry states without the high crime rate. What gives? What is the subject of gun control missing here?

“The answer,” Longenecker continues, “is that it is not that major cities have too many guns, the major cities have too many outlaws. Major cities in RTC states have fewer outlaws because they have more guns, not fewer guns. The real difference is not measured in guns, but in fewer laws. That is to say, less gun control becomes more crime control.

The thing that makes the safe streets in RTC states isn’t any number of guns, but in the freedom of the citizens. Specifically, trained citizens who are armed wherever they have a right to be … :

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