The ‘No Guns’ sign insult – What if the signs read ‘No Jews? ‘No Dogs or Sailors on the Grass’? ‘Whites Only’?

Jeff Knox of the notes in a Nov. 1 blog posted on that “no gun” signs are “just another form of discrimination but against gun owners of all races.”

“How does it make you feel when you start to walk into a business and see a ‘No Guns’ sign prominently posted? Are you angry? Offended? Indifferent?” he asked. “How do you react? Do you just turn around and take your business elsewhere? Complain to the management? Just ignore it and go on with your business?”

Knox says Virginia Citizens Defense League view “No Guns” signs as “personally offensive and they let their offense be known – to the business, to fellow VCDL members, and anyone else who’ll listen – or read a Web page.”

VCDL maintains a list of anti-rights Virginia businesses on its Web site,, and encourages gun owners and rights supporters to avoid these businesses except to let them know that their policy is offensive. VCDL has actively pursued this position for several years while they have simultaneously grown to become the most politically active and effective rights organization in the state.

Sounds like a good idea that others elsewhere sound emulate. For more, go to: