Nationally syndicated radio host, “McLaughlin Group” panelist and Fox News contributor Monica Crowley rips the Obama regime in refreshingly accurate, gloves-off terms in her Oct. 21 column in the Washington Times.

“During the eight years of the George W. Bush presidency, the left constantly told us that ‘issent is the highest form of patriotism.’ During the Obama presidency, dissent is routinely considered the lowest form of treachery,” she writes.

Crowley goes on to cite the Obama administration’s “Orwellian coldness and efficiency” in “waging waged war on those who have had the gall to disagree with it.” That includes:

— The war on Fox News.

— The war on tea partiers and town-hall attendees.

— The war on those who oppose government takeovers.

“Speaking of the average citizen …” Crowley notes, the administration “also flagged veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and those who vigorously support the Second Amendment. In other words, if you go to church, legally own a gun, or served in the military, this administration considers you a potential enemy of the state.”

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And sadly, in addition to a compliant, adoring general media, the Obama administration has plenty of other spokesmen, such as Rob Waters of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who issued this hysterical communique to his comrades on Oct. 26:

— Right-Wing Extremist Group on Active Military Duty?