Dave Workman illustrates vividly the intellectual bankruptcy of gun control in his Oct. 21 blog on

” Meet James Chung Hwang, a 24-year-old model citizen who has managed to rack up a dozen convictions for driving with a suspended license, one guilty plea for third-degree assault, several domestic violence convictions according to the on-line Seattle Post-Intelligencer, plus drug possession and malicious mischief beefs,” he writes. “Mr. Hwang is a walking testament to the failure of gun control because he is back in jail again for an incident that occurred a week ago. He allegedly was involved in a road rage incident in south Seattle that involved (gasp!) a stolen handgun, according to court documents.

“How the .45-caliber Springfield Armory semi-auto got into Hwang’s apparent posession (the gun was recovered ‘within lunging distance’ from his stopped vehicle, according to a police report) is open to conjecture, but it’s a pretty safe bet that this handgun, which was reported stolen in Tacoma four years ago, was not obtained at a gun show, nor did the suspect stroll into a gun shop and buy it after passing a background check, nor did he get it through a straw purchase from any retailer now being sued by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg …”

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— Many gun control schemes don’t pass scrutiny;