Put Max Lemus’s recently released documentary video, Not Without a Fight, on your Christmas gift list. Not Without a Fight is the story of one young man’s journey to understand what the Second Amendment means.

Lemus, a native of Honduras, offers fresh insight in this Constitutional right. By his own admission, he was rather blase about guns and gun control issues when he first came here, ut as he became aware of the struggle to retain this fundamental American right, he became more intrigued.

“I don’t know much about guns but I know the history of the world and how important it is for an individual to have the ability to stand up and say, ‘No,'” he said. “Perhaps it’s because I was born in Honduras, I know firsthand how precious and rare a place like America really is.”

This is Lemus’s first documentary. He paid for it himself. He filmed it, as he describes, in a one-man “guerrilla filmmaking” style.

“When I first decided to make a documentary about the men and women who fight for our right to keep and bear arms I had the option of taking a year or so to raise money and possibly get some sponsors for the film. I knew that because I was inexperienced it would be a difficult task to accomplish, though possible, very time consuming,” he said. “There was also the option of making the documentary with a shut-up and shoot NOW mentality when it is most needed. As you can probably tell I chose the guerrilla style. I suppose it suits my personality to just act boldly and make it happen. I am jumping in my car with my camera and driving to different parts of the nation and telling the story of Second Amendment ‘movers and shakers; as some would say.”

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