Is investing in firearms manufacturers wise?

Susan Dale, a former George Washington historic interpreter and a financial adviser, offers some intriguing insight into the wisdom of investing in publicly traded firearms manufacturing companies in the Feb. 2 edition of Human Events.

“As an investor, and as an advisor, I want a more diversified portfolio,” she writes. “Where else to look in the ever changing, in fact potentially radically changing, American financial landscape? It might also behoove an investor to take a real look at the political landscape, as well, as so many changes, and huge changes they would be, are out there. I mean, you have to have a good look, and think, let’s see, how are my investments in the short term and long term likely to be impacted from the next round of increasing taxation that will surely reach even deeper into my pocket?

“And then,” she continues, “I thought, maybe — stock in gun & ammunition companies!”

This is a well-written, very practical analysis. Money talks, and Dale has a refreshing interpretation of what it is saying.

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