Zombie Gun Contest

John B. Snow Avatar

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When it comes to zombie guns there’s no middle ground. You either love ’em or hate ’em. And because I hate zombies, I love zombie guns. My top choice in a rifle for battling the undead is this AR from Lauer Custom Weaponry that includes an arrow launcher attached to the bottom rail and a blood-splattered DuraCoat finish. For a shotgun, I have a modified 870 with an extended magazine tube, adjustable Knoxx buttstock and a Surefire weapon light, and on my hip I carry a hi-cap .45 1911 from Para–the company’s Super Hawg model.

You can see more of these guns here along with write-ups on each.

In the spirit of competition, we’re asking for pictures of your zombie fighters. Send them to outdoorlife.contest@gmail.com and you might win a flashlight from Surefire–a handy tool you’re going to want during the next zombie invasion.

Don’t have a zombie fighting gun? No problem. Tell us what your ultimate zombie fighting guns are and post them in the comments below and you might still win a prize. The contest goes until Wednesday, March 31st.